Training and Development Seminars for Leaders and Managers

What’s a great manager? A manacoach is an extraordinary manager or coach.

Close your eyes and think of manacoaches you’ve learned from and worked with now or in the past. You should be thinking of coaches or managers who really made a difference in your life. Think of a great manacoach at a job you worked at, team you played on, or any type of performance activity where someone was charged with the responsibility of getting the best out of you.

In our Manacoach Workshops, you’ll learn the difference between a great manager and a great leader. Plus, you’ll walk away with actionable tools to transform your daily interactions into inspiring motivators for your team.

Key workshop highlights:

  • Real Life Data and Research of Great Managers and Leaders
  • 10 Traits of the Manacoach
  • Guiding Principles to Become a Great Manacoach

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