The Questions a Business Leader Should Ask When Shopping for a solution to get management on the same page.

At ITG we don’t research, comment on, or knock out competition. We encourage you to check us out and check them out. However, because we are not the cheapest solution on the market, it’s important to compare apples to apples in making the right decision for you and your company. Feel free to ask the questions below to your prospective provider and listen carefully to the responses…listen carefully to what is and isn’t said and share it with us!

1. Do you require a contract or retainer?

At ITG there are no contracts, retainers, or as much as a single dollar required up front. Why?…because mutual ‘trust’ is critical in what you are embarking on with your business and team. We are working with you and your team getting ‘up close and intensely personal’. It’s simple! We start with you trusting us to deliver value, and us trusting you to pay.

2. Do you have a guarantee?

At ITG if you don’t get value at the end of every day that we work together then you don’t pay. We aren’t interested in taking your money unless we deliver value. What a concept right?

3. Do you have a proven process?

At ITG we have a proven process and can provide you with the exact number of how many sessions, how many days, we have completed along with how many companies have unconditionally benefitted from implementing our magic.

4. Are your advisors certified?

Regardless of background or strengths, we must go to Detroit and work with Don Tinney and Gino Wickman personally before we can be considered a Professional Implementer. From there, to achieve certification the implementers have to show they can implement this system having achieved an average score from at least 5 companies of no less than 8.75.

5. What kind of professional development do you do to keep updated?

At ITG, once implementers are certified they are required to attend quarterly sessions with Gino and the rest of the implementers in Detroit. We brainstorm, get updated on the newest breakthroughs, and constantly improve the system. This is both a major time and financial commitment where over 50 implementers discuss issues, and make recommendations on improving the process, the system, the tools, and ourselves. You won’t survive as a certified implementer unless you ‘get it’, ‘want it’ and ‘have the capacity to do it’. At ITG all of our advisors and trainers are certified in behaviour assessments. Keeping current is not an option.

6. Can you provide testimonials from companies?

There are companies that might convince you that there relationship with clients is confidential so they can’t share testimonials. Beware of these companies. At ITG, we have testimonials on video and in writing. Feel free to call them and if that doesn’t satisfy you, we can provide real life management teams from real life companies that will be happy to tell you unconditionally that choosing us was the best decision they ever made.

7. How dependent are you on your provider to bring the process to completion?

Some training companies are one man shows. At ITG, we have access to certified implementers located all over North America. We are all trained the same way and know the same process, the system, and the same tools inside out…it’s in our souls. We all have a broad business background and we are in love with what we do. If something happens to your implementer mid-stream, you simply contact our office and find someone where you won’t know the difference.

8. Do the trainers have the infrastructure to collaborate?

With a small training company or a one man show the depth of the resource is limited to the business background of one or two individuals. At ITG, you have a banquet room of implementers, trainers, and facilitators as your resource because we collaborate 24 hours a day on the internet and over six times a year in live “brain storming” sessions in Denver, Phoenix, and Detroit. What this means for you is that if your company has a unique issue, problem, challenge, threat, or opportunity you don’t just have the 20 to 30 yrs business and strength of one implementer with a particular discipline. At ITG, your implementer has immediate access to over 10,000 combined years of incredible experience at your disposal in every discipline including, finance, sales, marketing, operations, H.R., I.T., and customer service.



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